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Be Original If You Want – there are lots of options in the Brecon Beacons

Until very recently weddings were pretty textbook: church wedding; reception at a hotel or smart country house, golf course or village hall: nice flowers : pretty cake: possibly a DJ: often organised entirely by the bride’s mother!

Weddings are a whole different ball game these days. People love originality. People love individuality. People love creativity. The humdrum formula for a ‘nice’ wedding is out of the window and the dawn of fun, fresh, personal weddings has arrived.

No longer is a name place setting just a plain name - it’s an opportunity for the wild, the quirky and truly outrageous. Couples can spend years planning and executing their perfect wedding- every minute detail deliberated over and discussed. Weddings now have the potential to dazzle guests, inspire them and leave them reeling from the tidal wave of personal flair and genuine emotion that is the result of such care and attentive planning.

With this in mind, if you’ve ruled out getting married on top of the Empire State Building, or in a submarine on the wreck of the Titanic, you’re probably looking for a wedding venue that lets you unleash the creative wedding planner within you. Would you like somewhere in a beautiful part of the world- accessible but unspoilt? What about the Brecon Beacons? Wouldn’t you like a venue set in a superb spot? Does Llangorse Lake Valley spring to mind? Luscious lawns, secretive walled gardens, tinkling running streams, romantic swings set beneath ancient trees ? Ideally, I bet you’d like the option of having your civil ceremony in the shade of these ancient sweeping branches- so something with a licensed spot to have a truly idyllic wedding ceremony sounds nice. Although you’d want a wet weather back up in somewhere equally inspiring and evocative.

And if you are going to do your own thing – then it’s pretty important that you start with an absolutely private and exclusive blank canvas!


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