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Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions we have received. If your question is not answered below please get in touch with us via our Contact Form and we will answer your question directly.

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Is there sufficient local accommodation for our guests?


Yes, Tall John’s House itself offers accommodation for up to 19 people and there are plenty of options at a variety of budgets. Click for a list of our recommended suppliers.

Are tables and chairs included in the hire price?


No. You are free to choose any supplier. Click for a list of our recommended suppliers.

What are the dimensions of the barn?


Please click here for a plan.

What time can we party until?


Our licence runs until 12 midnight.

Can we have confetti?


Only if it is natural petal confetti. Please see our list of recommended suppliers.

Will a coach fit up the drive?


Yes with care.

Can we leave cars at the barn overnight?


Yes, in the car parking area.

Do you have a tall ladder for use in the barn?


We do. You just have to sign a ladder disclaimer form on the day you are setting up.

Can we have fireworks?


Yes, that is not a problem but we will agree the area in which to set them off.

Can we use hay bales?


No. Sorry, but the fire risk is just too great.

How do we attach decorations in the barn?


The only rule is that you must leave the barn as you found it.

Can we hang decorations etc. up in the trees outside?


Yes, that is fine as long as you are careful.

Can we move the garden furniture on the lawns anywhere we like?


Yes, that is fine as long as they are returned to where you found them.

Can we let off Chinese lanterns?


Yes. But you will have to sign a disclaimer for any damage caused.

Is there Wifi in the barn?



Is smoking allowed?


Only outside and please make sure ends are disposed of properly.

Can we bring our own alcohol and do you charge corkage?


Yes all drinks are provided by yourselves. We do not charge corkage but if you wish us to dispose of the bottles, we charge £3 a bottle which will be taken from your deposit.

Is there car parking?


Yes ample parking at the owners’ risk.

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